Our Toy Making Values

Eco-friendly Dolls are made with Integrity, Safety and Play in mind

At Gaia Tree toys we are 100% committed to making the safest children’s toys in the most Eco-friendly way.

Great care is taken with every step to ensure that our baby dolls are non-toxic and bio degradable.


The children’s toy industry is heavily reliant on plastics, additives, preservatives, and toxic dyes. We extensively research materials that are safe for your child. We carefully made safety choices with our design that enables us to keep the highest standards possible. Ecobaby dolls contains no BPA, PVC, or Phthalates. Our safe paints are non-toxic and heavy metal free.

Our dolls are tested to meet and exceed North American and European standards.

You can feel safe knowing your child is playing with Ecobaby dolls.


Now is a crucial time to make necessary changes for the health and longevity of the planet. Our oceans, animals and nature are in great need.

Gaia tree toys strives to care for the earth with our eco-friendly products and educate others in ways that bring about more balance and harmony. Our baby dolls are made from sustainably harvesting the sap from rubber trees. They are 100% biodegradable and safe for the oceans and earth.


Play is the secret of life and the language of children.

For a child playing and learning can be one of the same. We feel strongly that it is important to provide our children with toys that are natural. Our dolls are made with natural rubber which is soft to the touch. Our designs are simple and great at stimulating a child’s imagination.


It is the relentless pursuit of living true to your values that brings about success in life.

We stand in our honesty and integrity in creating the best products possible. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail ranges from the packaging to our skillfully hand painted dolls. You can count on Ecobabys to be safe for our children and our environment.

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100% Natural Rubber, Non-Toxic and Safe Toys for your child.
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